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The AGG Amateur Hour Gamescom Special Pt 2


by Nick Monfries on

Episode 3.2, the second of our two part Gamescom podcast is now available to your eardrums. They’ve missed us, haven’t they?

In part 2 we do what we did in part 1, just more of it! Dogs bark, kids chatter and three grown men laugh like school children. Nick is ridiculed and Ben likes the look of an indie title. Ian says bad words a lot. Really, there are plenty of revelations.

As always, leave us your feedback. We’d like to thank everyone who has listened and provided their thoughts on the first three episodes. We’re having a stack of fun doing this, and so far it seems that you guys are having a stack of fun listening to them.

So much fun in fact that the Amatuer Hour went straight into iTunes “New and Noteworthy” podcast listing. Thanks again!

Nick Monfries

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